Digging! Always Digging!

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One small, tiny, slow week to go until lots of new WoW content!

Mmmmm…. nerd points….

Right now, I’m second in my guild for nerd points. Which I’m slowly working on remedying, but a lot of the ones I need are either PvP ones, or raid/dungeon ones that one needs a group for. Makes it slim pickings. And while being able to look through the new achievements that soon we shall be able to complete is nice, it’s also kind of a pain when trying to figure out what ones are actually possible for me to do at the moment.

Our last raid for this expansion will be tomorrow night. In a way, it’s kind of sad, saying goodbye to old stuff. Sure, it’s tired, and old, and I could probably heal it all in my sleep by now, but it’s familiar.

There are things I want to do in WoW, that I could do right now, but my motivation… I just don’t have it. I get on, I start doing something, and five minutes later I find myself alt-tabbed out, looking something up. Something not always WoW related either.

For instance, I’m working on digging. One of my long term goals is to get alllll the rare items on Es. She, at this exact moment in time, is at 19. I do, however, have one more rare in the works, which will push me up to 20. Which is awesome, because oh hi, nerdpoints!

I’m also still, forever, and always, working on bandages. I just don’t know how I’ve never managed to make enough yet. Perhaps it’s because I’m a healer, and therefore bandages are more of an after thought. Oh sure, when I’m playing in my ret spec I’m much more likely to use them, but um, yeah. I mostly am holy. Es has been holy her entire life, and leveled as such, so… That probably won’t change much even in MoP.

Anyhoo. I’m off to go digging some more. Only need one more rare then yay!


Work work

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Work is crazy. And Evil. And long. Needless to say, after working a few 60 hour weeks, I’m beat. Which means that for the very limited amount of free time I have available to me after work for WoW, I don’t exactly always feel like chatting to the general public at large.

Therefore, Es is being neglected. Although, an important thing to note is that The Mage has given up digging. It only took 26 jars, but she FINALLY found the stupid jar that had the lucky dragon recipe in it. Needless to say, Es can now turn into a dragon.

While I’m thinking of it, I must admit, I’m half surprised that it didn’t show up in the guild news page or whatever that I had looted it, and that I had made one. Perhaps that only accounts for gear, but considering how dedicated/lucky one must be to get that pattern…

So what have I been doing on WoW? Well, certainly not playing the baby hunter I made. She’s in her 20s I think. No, instead? Goblin shammy.

Seeing the quests from the other side is fun, and I’m convinced that Horde has gotten a lot better quests than Alliance has. I mean, I got to be a weed whacker on the goblin island. This greatly amused me. And then, a quest giver in Hillsbrad! And then I got to go, for lack of a better term, “rescue” all the people I gave quests to!

Great fun, I tell you.

…and I might be easily amused.

Pesti Kitty

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About two months ago, the Pesti Kitty whose name graces this blog passed away. Not due to old age, or a random accident such as getting hit by a car, but by something else. At first, we here at this household thought that one of our neighbors had poisoned him. He was acting… sluggish, he didn’t want to move, he didn’t want to eat or drink, and the bit of bile he had thrown up was bright yellow.

Why did we think this? We had gotten a complaint that our cats were “flea-infested.” The local animal shelter apparently sent out a minion to check, and what do you know. Our cats didn’t have fleas! To be fair, Pest was a pretty friendly cat. If you were walking by, he’d stop and chat with you and get petted. I had even seen some of the little toddlers from around the corner haul him off towards their homes, but I was never worried, as he always came back home.

We also had a long time ago a cat get shot by a pellet gun, so in our minds this wasn’t a huge leap of logic to think that perhaps someone had tried to poison him, especially since one of the neighbors a few houses down did have food and water out for him.

This was of course on a Friday night, after all the normal vets had closed, so Pest was hauled off to the emergency vet. They looked him over, and declared no, it wasn’t external poisoning. He wasn’t peeing, for whatever reason, and they needed to operate immediately or well, bad things would happen.

At first they thought he was blocked due to something like a bladder stone, but they later decided it was from crystals forming in his urethra. He had a catheter stuck in him, and spent the weekend there. We were able to take him home Sunday afternoon, even though he wasn’t eating a lot, if at all. The theory was he would feel more comfortable at home, and be more likely to eat.

He did nibble at the food, but he went to the normal vet the next day, for a checkup. He still wasn’t peeing on his own, and that nice vet made him pee. In fact, the only thing we paid for while she looked at him was for the two cans of food she had opened, to try to get him to eat. She recommended we take him to a full care vet, as they didn’t have that sort of services there.

On Tuesday, we decided we were going to let this new vet operate on Pest. They were going to open him up, and make his urethra bigger, so it wouldn’t get blocked so easily again. After they had knocked him out and put a catheter in him, it was discovered no pee was coming out of it. Sometime during all of this, his urethra had split.

It was decided it would be better to not have him wake up at that point, as it would be inhumane to bring him home just for him to die after a few painful days of suffering.

I miss my Pesti Kitty.


The Race To 85!

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First, I would like to state that the guild I am fortunate enough to be a part in, Stands In Bad, killed Deathwing last night. DEAD DARGON!

Kia has been busy leveling her not-so-babyish shaman, at the same time I’ve been working on the rogue. And somehow, a few days ago, it turned into a competition between the two of us, to see who can reach 85 first. I’m not sure how exactly this happened, and I don’t think she’s exactly sure either, but hey, whatever, right?

And so that’s why in the past three days I’ve leveled like 8 levels. Which is a lot for me. Lustus is allll the way up to 78 as I write this, and the worst part is, Kia is 80. (Evil sleep!)

But that doesn’t matter! I will catch up! AND I WILL WIN!

The best part? It’s all snowy and blizzardy outside so I have the perfect reason for sitting around leveling up past Kia.


Weeeee! Level 60!

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Lustus has managed to make it to 60! The Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor Elders got him halfway through 59, so I thought briefly about what I could do to get that last half a level. And then I remembered I needed more skins, so off to Blasted Lands I went for rugged leather!

Where I happily killed and skinned things for probably an hour. It was boring and relaxing, with nothing interesting happening.  …except for that one time where a lvl 55 rogue tried to kill my lvl 59 rogue…

So there I was, looking at all the dead critters on the ground, just waiting for me to skin them. I had no idea who had killed them, and as there was no one in the area that I could see, I didn’t really care. They had been abandoned! They were calling out to me, saying SKIN ME! SKIN ME! So I did.

I was happily in the middle of skinning one, when all of a sudden, BAM! My skinning bar quits halfway through, and I’m stunned, and taking damage. Did I look around to see what was going on? Nope. I did the first thing that came to mind. I hit vanish. And ran.

Course, I didn’t get far before I came out of hiding. The rogue had hit me with garrote, and by now I knew it was a rogue cause I had glanced around after I hid. I was patient, though, and ran and hid when I could. He didn’t follow, but hid himself.

What happened next… I really don’t know what came over me. I wasn’t exactly looking for him, because yay skins! They were still laying there in the dirt, begging me to skin them, the poor dead things, but I just happened to come across this rogue, shortly after he had killed another hog.

And before I knew it, I had shadowstepped behind him, and then ambush went off, followed by eviscerate. The poor rogue didn’t stand a chance, and I had my very first honor kill!

I did kinda feel bad about it. But if he hadn’t tried to kill me, I’d have left him alone.

Thanks to flying being available at lvl 60, and to Have Group, Will Travel, Lustus has managed to speak with all the Elders in Cata! Now to get to Northrend, and talk my way into getting dragged through the dungeons I need for the Elders!

Elders, How I Love Thee So

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I’ve been slowly leveling my rogue, mostly by either instancing, or killing things for their skins. Which is both a fast way to level, and fun, at least for me. Most of my other alts I do just quests for, and ignore the dungeons. For example, my mage, who has managed to make it to 85, has been in 2 dungeons, neither heroic. Oh, and the one raid she was dragged to, because apparently, Es is not an alt.

My rogue is 57 now, and is a mere 20 points away from 300 in leatherworking. Skinning, however, is way easier. In fact, I don’t have to skin a single thing in Outlands for skinning skills, as  already up to 397 skill as I type this. Which I find to be pretty amusing, really.

The Heart of the Mountain quest that has been sitting in m quest log annoys me. Mostly because it’s there, and not one single LFD group has gone to try it yet. Now, I understand why. You need about 12 of those relic coffer keys. Either I’ll get the silly quest done before it goes gray, or I’ll end up removing it from my quest log. One of the two!

Needless to say, I am tired of doing BRD. So, I’ve decided to hopefully get a few levels by tracking down the Elders for the Lunar Festival! And currently, it’s going pretty swell. I have only gone after the ones in Eastern Kingdoms thus far, but I’m already getting pretty close to 58. I was also lucky enough to get the one from Undercity without any issues at all! With any luck, the rest of them will go just as easily!

If I’m really lucky, I’ll reach 60, and then I’ll be able to fly!  Zoom!

Don’t Annoy Your Healer!

•January 17, 2012 • 2 Comments

I am generally a pretty easy-going person, and it takes a bit to get me annoyed. However, one thing that does annoy me is wiping for half an hour on the last boss of an instance. In this case, Erudax of Grim Batol was the lucky boss who proved to be smarter than a few of my random group members.

Now, I could have queued for the much faster Twilight instances, but the normal random ones had healers as a Call to Arms, and somewhere out there is a mount in a bag with my name on it. I didn’t have anything planned, and I figured most of those only take 45 minutes tops. Not this one. This took an hour, and I didn’t even zone in at the beginning.

That’s right, it was already in progress. They were at the first boss. Now, I don’t know why exactly the previous healer left. I don’t know if he or she was kicked, or was annoyed, or disconnected, but I was happy because hey, less trash to go through, and that means it’ll be shorter, right?! First boss died fine.

Second boss died fine too, though we wiped once due to the boss wandering over to us while trash was still being killed. Those kind of wipes don’t annoy me as much, and we killed him just fine. Third boss went down like a charm as well. But Erudax…

I am sure the tank was merely trying to be helpful, which is why instead of standing in the one safe spot during shadow gale he’d run to the hallway where the two adds spawn. The shammy? I don’t know what his excuse is. Maybe he didn’t know.

I kept them up, during this, but it was very mana intensive, and needless to say, it got to a point where keeping them alive through it wasn’t going to happen. Before the next attempt, I mentioned that people needed to stand in the safe spot during shadow gale.

…yup, those two didn’t listen. We wiped faster. But when the tank is out of range of healing, and I’m in the safe spot, I don’t really see much reason to take massive amounts of damage just to allow someone to continue to ignore the mechanics.

I mentioned again, before the third attempt, that people need to stand in the safe spot during shadow gale. I used more words than the first reminder, but I was still polite. We died.

For the fourth attempt? I stated beforehand that I wasn’t healing people during shadow gate who weren’t in the safe spot. I wasn’t joking or kidding around when I said it, and sure enough, neither the tank nor the shammy paid any attention to my warning. They died pretty quickly.

The dps warrior said something in Spanish which I’m pretty sure amounted to “stand in the circle,” and the dps priest stated that even the tank needed to stand in the safe spot. We didn’t have to suffer through another attempt with these two, however, as the tank disconnected and the shammy quit.

The tank and shammy that replaced them? They knew how to stand in the safe spot. Life was good! And it only took half an hour-ish to kill Erudax!